PlayStation 5 Introduces New Covers

PlayStation 5 console faceplate covers have been officially announced. After over a year of waiting, the dreams of PlayStation 5 owners all over the world have finally been answered. Sony has posted an official news update on the PlayStation blog confirming that what they are calling PlayStation 5 console covers will soon be set to arrive in 2022.

Another year could mean new expectation for anybody searching for where to purchase a PS5 in 2022. The last couple of long stretches of last year saw a sharp expansion in PS5 restocks that gave the absolute best chances to get a control center yet. And keeping in mind that the new year has begun discreetly, more control center are made accessible constantly. Sony has said to expect stock deficiencies all through the year still, yet early signs show it very well may be to a lesser extent a battle to purchase a PS5 in 2022. We’re here to welcome you all the most recent information on this page with standard updates every week.


Most recent: Two PS5 restocks are normal at GameStop this week. The first on March 8 will be online for the Digital Edition, while the subsequent will be coming up for the Disk console on March 11. We’re actually anticipating a restock at Target, as well. For the UK, Very and PlayStation Direct restocked for this present week. Reputed drops are likewise coming from mid-March at Game and Argos.

This obviously comes just a couple of months after Sony threatened to sue third-party manufacturer dbrand over its own production of a PlayStation 5 variant cover. With this announcement, the picture has become just a bit clearer especially in the wake of just a few weeks ago when we heard that PlayStation had indeed patented the concept which looking back is kind of crazy to think about that Sony didn’t have the PlayStation 5 cover concept protected up until recently. But now that’s just a thing of the past because there are no less than five different console cover colors coming as early as January 2022.

The colors which will be available are Midnight Black and Cosmic Red from January in territories such as the US, Canada, UK, France and others. Later on, during the first half of next year, we’ll also be getting colors such as Nova pink, Galactic purple and Starlight Blue. This obviously makes a lot of sense considering that Sony has already released Midnight Black and Cosmic Red variants of the PlayStation 5 dual sense controller. The colors pink, purple and blue will also be getting accompanying dual sense variants which are launching in January.

Let’s talk about the price of these plates. If you are a PlayStation 5 owner, you’ll know how extremely easy it is to take off the white plates you already have in order to clean your console. The process of swapping those white plates out for any of the five soon to be available colors will work in much the same way but considering it’s really just a piece of plastic I think that $55 which is the recommended retail price over in the US, it’s a little bit on the steeper side shall we say. Having said that it’s a small price to pay for anyone who’s been patiently waiting for some console customization options. Obviously, a large portion of the PlayStation fanbase found it a tad disappointing that there wouldn’t be just a pure black PlayStation 5 console color at launch well now that changes from January onwards because Midnight black is indeed one of the console cover plates.

All five different console covers will be available for purchase from PlayStation direct as well as selected third-party retailers.

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